Awaken Scripting User Guide

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The About screen contains useful information about Scripting, and appears as a modal over the page you were on before.  This screen shows which version of Scripting is installed, licensing and upgrade information, and useful information if you need to contact the Awaken Helpdesk.

System Details

1. System Details
The System Details panel contains useful information about the system.  The Awaken Helpdesk may ask you for the System Version if you raise a support request.


The Licensing panel lists some key details about the currently loaded system licence, including the expiry date and current maximum installable version. It also lists the various included licenced components and how many licences of each type are available, amount assigned, how many are in use, and valid from and to information.

Third Party Libraries

The Third Party Libraries panel lists installed libraries used by Scripting.  Each Third Party Library name is a hyperlink, which when clicked takes the user to the appropriate library's website.

Close button

4. Close button
Close this screen to go back to the menu