Awaken Scripting User Guide

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The Button control allows Pages to be linked together, allowing an agent to navigate through a Workflow.
This control is part of the Basic control pack, and will always be available.

How To

Add a Button to the Workflow Page. The button's text and style can be configured in the Options and Styling tabs of the Field Properties.
To link to another Workflow Page, use the Page Selector in the Advanced Options tab.


As with other button-type controls, it is possible to require a Page pass validation before the button will activate. This prevents the agent from leaving the Page before all requisite details have been collected.
As with other button-type controls, upon activation the button will then be disabled until the action has completed.
As with other button-type controls, it is possible to trigger this by JavaScript or Update Links. Please see the .click() article for more information and an example regarding using JavaScript.