Awaken Scripting User Guide

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Conditional Button

The Conditional Button provides a single button to the agent that can then route the Workflow to different Pages depending on specified conditions.  This allows for simpler and faster usage by the agent, or additional control over the Workflow's path by the editor.
This can be contrasted with the GoToPage, where the agent manually chooses a page from a list to go to.
This control is part of the Intermediate control pack, and will only be available if you have the appropriate licence part.

How To

Add a Conditional Button to the Workflow Page.  The button's text and style can be configured in the Options and Styling tabs of the Field Properties.
The Advanced Options tab allows the conditions and destinations to be specified:
Additional conditions can be added by clicking the Add button below, and will appear as new blank "else if" rows.  "If" and "else if" rows need to have a condition specified, which can be set by clicking inside the first box on each row and entering the code for the condition.  All rows also require a destination Page to be set in the final box of each row.  When clicked, the first condition that succeeds will cause the Workflow to navigate to its linked Page.
Options (excluding the "else") can be re-ordered by dragging the arrow icon to the left side of their row.


As with other button-type controls, it is possible to require a Page pass validation before the button will activate.  This prevents the agent from leaving the Page before all requisite details have been collected.
As with other button-type controls, upon activation the button will then be disabled until the action has completed.
As with other button-type controls, it  is possible to trigger this by JavaScript or Update Links.  Please see the .click() article for more information and an example regarding using JavaScript.