Awaken Scripting User Guide

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Datasource Wizard

Both External Data Source and Table controls allow data to be brought into a Scripting Workflow at runtime from an internal or external source, and optionally mapped to Workflow fields or variables.  The process of configuring these is managed through the Datasource Wizard.
Before configuring an External Data Source or Table control, ensure all the required fields to map data to/from (if required) are added to the Workflow page.
The Wizard is reached through the Advanced Options tab of the control, by clicking the Begin Configuration button at the centre of the window:

Datasource Types

While the process may differ slightly between the controls, the general process can be split by the data source type used:

Update Links

A powerful bit of functionality that is configured in the Datasource Wizard is the ability to specify Update Links.  This means that when the External Data Source has completed its query, or the Table control alters its row selection, it will then trigger another Field on the page.  This can be used to trigger another control such as a Button or JavaScript - Button when the required values have been returned and mapped out to Fields, or the Table has got a reference ID defined.
One of the most common uses for Update Links is to link Tables together, so that the option selected in one Table is then used as the filter for a subsequent Table, and so forth.