Awaken Scripting User Guide

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JavaScript - Button

The JavaScript - Button allows users to add JavaScript code that is executed a when the agent clicks a button.
This control is part of the Intermediate control pack, and will only be available if you have the appropriate licence part.

How To

Add a JavaScript - Button to the Workflow Page.  The button's text and style can be configured in the Options and Styling tabs of the Field Properties.
To configure the code to be executed, use the Code Editor in the Advanced Options tab.
The JavaScript - Button has one unique option available in its Options tab:
Run Calculations
If enabled, then Page calculations will be triggered once the JavaScript - Button has finished executing its contained code.  This will update the front-end values of any affected Fields, and trigger any Calculates on the page to run.


Refer to the Code Execution article for specific details as to JavaScript execution order and variable scope.
The JavaScript - Button is most commonly used to allow an agent to trigger multiple actions within a Page with a single click.  For example, it can be used to trigger a JavaScript function or some other actions before using .click() on a hidden button that controls page navigation.
Helper functions can also be used in the JavaScript - Button control.
It is also possible to define variables or functions globally across an entire installation of Scripting by placing it within custom.js.  This is an advanced action with potentially dangerous outcomes if implemented improperly, please see this Knowledge Base article for further information.
Further examples of JavaScript use can be found in the Scripting JavaScript and General JavaScript Knowledgebase Articles.
As with other button-type controls, it is possible to require a Page pass validation before the button will activate.  This prevents the JavaScript content from being executed before all requisite details have been collected.
As with other button-type controls, upon activation the button will then be disabled until the action has completed.
As with other button-type controls, it  is possible to trigger this by JavaScript or Update Links.  Please see the .click() article for more information and an example regarding using JavaScript.