Awaken Scripting User Guide

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Validation Tab

Some Controls support Validation; this means you can specify conditions that can be checked before the Page is left, and page transition will be prevented if this validation fails. Validation is only checked when a Field with Validate Page enabled is triggered. Validation is frequently mixed with Formatting to ensure that data has been recorded in a valid state.
There are four kinds of validation available in Scripting:
Validation Type
Alpha Only
Restricts the Field's value to only contain alphabet characters. Any numbers of non-alphabet characters will cause validation to fail.
Compulsory Field
The Field must have a value, or it will fail validation.
Email Address
The Field must contain an email-like string (a@b.c), or it will fail validation. Note that due to the extremely wide-ranging scope of valid email address formatting, this validation will not protect against every invalid email address.
Monetary Value
The Field must have a value that looks like a non-currencied monetary value (1234.56), or it will fail validation.


If Compulsory Field isn't selected, then validation will succeed if the Field is empty. Multiple validation conditions can be added to each Field, so Compulsory Field can be added with any other validation to ensure populated & valid data is collected.
If a Field is hidden, it will not be checked for validation. This allows complex Workflow Pages to be constructed with differing validation requirements depending on agent choices, by simply hiding the unwanted Fields prior to triggering validation.
Additional Validation types can be added on request, please contact Professional Services with your requirements.